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Diaspora Banking

Our premium service provides Nigerians living abroad with access to a wide range of products and services carefully curated to simplify cross-border banking.

Zenith Bank Zenith Diaspora Banking

Zenith Diaspora Banking

Zenith Diaspora Banking is designed to enable Nigerians in diaspora take advantage of investment opportunities back home and perform financial transactions safely and conveniently from anywhere in the world.

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Products and Services

  • Mortgage
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Medical Vouchers
  • Concierge Services
  • Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit
  • Zenith Automated Voice banking
  • ZIVA (Zenith intelligent Virtual Assistant)

BVN enrolment centres in diaspora

BVN enrolment in Zenith Bank offices outside Nigeria is free. However, enrolment with NIBSS partners (Online Integrated Services Inc. and VFS Global) requires payment and online booking for an appointment. For booking, payment and other requirements, visit requirements, visit (Online Integrated Services Inc. locations) or (VFS Global locations).

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NIN enrolment in diaspora

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) commenced the diaspora enrolment exercise aimed at capturing Nigerians living in the diaspora into the National Identity Database thereby ensuring they also get their National Identification Numbers (NIN). However, enrolment outside Nigeria requires payment and online booking for an appointment.

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What is Diaspora banking?
Diaspora banking is a platform designed for Nigerians who do not reside in the country to have access to a wide range of Zenith bank products and services. It provides top of the range investment opportunities for non-resident Nigerians.

Who is eligible for this service?
Any non-resident Nigerian.

Who can open a diaspora Account?
Nigerians living abroad.

What are the documents required to open a Diaspora account?

  1. Valid means of Identification (from a Nigerian authority or a notarized foreign international passport). 
  2. Public utility receipt (Proof of foreign address (notarized) or Bank statement from a foreign bank.
  3. BVN.
  4. One Passport Photograph.
  5. 2 References (Nigerian Bank Current account holders)  Required for current accounts Only

What electronic channels and services are available for Diaspora Customers?
The following electronic channels are available to our diaspora customers:

  1. Card services:
    • MasterCard & VISA (USD and Naira denominated)
    • Virtual cards denominated in naira and dollars
  2. Zenith Bank mobile app:
  3. Zenith bank mobile app offers you access to your account from any part of the world. With a touch of the button, you can have access to a wide range of financial products
    • Check account(s) balances
    • Transfer funds between own accounts and to 3rd parties with accounts in Zenith Bank
    • Request electronic cards
    • Request cheque books
    • Request/ view bank statement
    • Visa processing
  4. Internet Banking:
    Diaspora banking customers with internet access and internet banking log on details can do the following:
    • View real time account balances and track up-to-the minute transactions on their accounts
    • Set up a standing order instruction to transfer funds to other accounts within Zenith Bank and other Banks in Nigeria (Direct debit).
    • Transfer funds to beneficiaries with Zenith Bank accounts or accounts in other banks via NEFT
    • Request for cheque books
    • Print/view  Statement of account
    • PIN change: Users can change their login PIN (password) at any time 

How can Diaspora banking customers fund their account?
Diaspora banking customers can fund their accounts through:

  • Direct bank transfers
  • Cheques deposits
  • Money transfer operators (Western Union, Money Gram, World Remit)

What are the products and services available to Diaspora customers on this platform?

  • Home remittance
  • Mortgage
  • Medical insurance
  • Virtual cards
  • Financial advisory

How do I update/re-activate my account?

  • Fill the Diaspora update/reactivation form.
  • Provide a recent notarized utility bill or stamped bank statement (issued within the last 3 months) showing your address abroad.
  • Provide the data page of any of your Nigerian Regulatory issued ID (International passport, driver’s license, national ID etc), or provide your notarized foreign regulatory ID card.


How do I get the internet banking service?
Internet Banking Service is profiled to every new account opened, however, please contact Zenith Direct for further enquiries.

Who do I contact if I have any other questions?
Send a mail to,

How do I get my BVN?
BVN enrolment in Zenith Bank offices outside Nigeria is free. However, enrolment with NIBSS partners (Online Integrated Services Inc. and VFS Global) requires payment and online booking for an appointment. For booking, payment and other requirements, visit (Online Integrated Services Inc. locations) or (VFS Global locations).


Contact Us

Phone: 234-1-2786115, 234-1-2787000, 0700ZENITHBANK

Zenith Bank Home Remittance

Home Remittance

Transferring money home for your family occasionally or on a regular basis, we can provide safe and secure home remittances in almost any currency. With over three hundred and ninety branches in Nigeria and an ever expanding network of correspondent banks across the world, rest assured that we will get your money into the hands of those closest to you, no matter how far away they may be.

Zenith Bank Mortgage Banking Services

Mortgage Banking Services

Building your home in Nigeria? Let Zenith Bank take the stress off you.
Why send money home to “someone” to monitor your building when you can do it yourself with our verified developers?

Access our diaspora mortgage loan and connect with estate agents and developers directly.

  • 7 year mortgages for Nigerian émigrés with stable/verifiable income sources.
  • 40:60 contribution

Zenith Bank Advisory Services

Advisory Services

At Zenith Bank, exceptional advice is an enduring process. That is why over many years, we have enhanced and structured our offerings to reflect our clients’ needs.

The outcome is our unique advisory process. This begins from analysis of your goals and aspirations and leads to specific solutions precisely adapted to your exact situation.

  • View access to stock trading on the NSE/Capital Market
  • Investment in money market instruments
  • Investments in mutual funds

Zenith Bank Medical Vouchers (Z-Med)

Medical Vouchers (Z-Med)

At Zenith Bank, we are aware of your desire to protect your loved ones living in Nigeria and the need for access to standard medical facilities, especially for older members of the family.

Zenith Bank has vouchers (priced-to-service vouchers) which provide family members with access to Hospitals in Nigeria especially in cases of emergencies.

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