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Corporate Responsibilities

Through education, we help young people reach their full capacity and setting them on the path of discovering who they are.

Corporate Responsibilities

With our universal network and competence, we help build and uplift the communities we are part of.

Corporate Responsibilities

Combining our culture of high-performance and responsibility, we aim to create sustainable value for society.

Our Strategy

As a responsible corporate citizen, giving back to the communities where we carry out business is an integral part of our overall strategy. Our aim is to ‘give back’ in a structured and sustainable manner that ensures the greatest possible impact on our beneficiaries. To achieve this, we periodically carry out need-gap analysis in target communities to be able to accurately determine areas where our support is most needed. This enables us to deliver CSR projects that are relevant and impactful. In line with the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Zenith Bank is committed to the improvement of the socioeconomic condition of the communities where we do business. Our social initiatives are geared towards eradicating extreme poverty, encouraging skills development and capacity building, employment creation, and supporting government’s efforts at achieving inclusive growth and development.

Social Investments

Zenith Bank Key Focus Areas

Key Focus Areas

Our social investments are mostly focused on the areas listed below:


Our multimillion naira flagship Iga-Idunganran Lagos Island Community Healthcare Centre attests to our commitment to healthcare delivery in local communities. The facility was built, equipped and donated to meet the primary healthcare needs of residents in the Lagos Island area.

We also donate healthcare equipment and facilities to public hospitals while partnering with non-profit organisations to improve the wellbeing of communities. In 2016, Zenith Bank invested in the purchase of ten (10) mobile cancer diagnostic and treatment centres

(MCC) in partnership with the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), a non-profit organisation.

We collaborate with relevant healthcare institutions to provide free medical diagnosis for the indigent. This is part of our efforts at prevention and early detection of life-threatening ailments such as cancer and HIV-AIDS.



The bank offers scholarship to indigent and exceptionally bright students in an effort to ensure that lack of funds does not truncate their academic dreams. We encourage and support academic excellence and award cash gifts and job opportunities for the best graduating students in some Nigerian universities. We have built and renovated several learning institutions, and fitted state-of-the-art ICT Centres and science laboratories.

Our Adopt-a-School initiative targets public primary and secondary schools. We donate and renovate classroom blocks, laboratories, computers and accessories, power generating sets, libraries, among others. Some of our major projects in this regard include the Ojota Senior Secondary School, Ojota; Queens’ College, Yaba; and the Ondo State School for the Hearing Impaired, Akure; among others.



Over the years, the bank has invested heavily in sports development in our effort to harness the country’s great potential in sports and also to empower young Nigerians to build a rewarding career. Since 2005, we have been the title sponsor of the Zenith National Female Basketball League which has over the years produced several international stars in female basketball and acted as a ready pool from which the country’s National Team is drawn. We have also supported the Nigerian Football Federation, Delta Principals’ Cup and several other grassroots sports development initiatives across the country.

The bank also supported the Centre for Values in Leadership (CVL), a non-profit organization, towards its goal of equipping young people with the practical skills and values they require to gain employment and improve their quality of life.



Zenith Bank actively supports governments’ effort at developing the country’s physical infrastructure. We undertake the reconstruction of roads in bad conditions, renovation of public buildings, beautification and landscaping, among others. Among our flagship projects in this regard is the Ajose Adeogun road located in Victoria Island, Lagos. The project entailed the total reconstruction and beautification of a 2.6 kilometer road. Considering its highly strategic location in the heart of Lagos Island, the Ajose Adeogun road project was intended to serve as a model of how a road on a metropolitan, highbrow area should be.

In addition to the ‘green ambience’ we have maintained at our Ajose Adeogun road since 2007, every December, we decorate the road with spectacular Christmas lightings and animations that add extra glamour to the yuletide season and the celebrations of thousands of Lagos residents and tourists from within and outside the country.



  • Donation of 10 Mobile Cancer Centres (in conjunction with the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy) 
  • Building, equipping and donation of our flagship Iga Idunganran Healthcare Centre 
  • Support for Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria 
  • Support for States’ Security Trust Funds 
  • Title sponsorship of the National Women Basketball League (in conjunction with the Nigeria Basketball Federation) 
  • Sponsorship of Nigeria’s representation at the annual Microsoft Office World Championship in collaboration with ReadManna Ventures 
  • Sponsorship of the Delta Principals’ Cup 
  • Sponsorship of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) 


Zenith Bank Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We are committed to the actualization of the SDGs. We understand that government alone cannot shoulder the huge responsibility this entails. We have therefore built the actualization of the SDGs into our business goals and strategies. 


As a responsible financial services institution, ensuring the sustainability of the physical environment is important to us. Through our value chain, we actively leverage opportunities to demonstrate ‘green’ leadership and reduce negative impacts on the environment. We remain committed to providing quality services and fair pricing to our customers, insisting on environmentally and socially responsible practices in our supply chain, while also ensuring that our people work in a safe and conducive environment. Our vision is to build a lasting corporate structure that would outlive this and future generations through sustainable business practices and efficient deployment of resources. 

We are fully committed to the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the Principles for Responsible Banking of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI).  We also committed to the Nigerian Sustainable Banking Principles of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), among others. We will continue to ensure that our products, services, business investments and corporate social responsibility initiatives align with local and global objectives to drive inclusive growth and development, create jobs, eradicate extreme poverty, empower women, and enhance financial inclusion.

Zenith Bank Our Footprints

Our Footprints

Our aim is to reduce our potential negative social, economic and environmental footprints while enhancing the overall value we create as a leading brand. To this end, we are committed to adopting global best practices in our business operations and imbibing corporate policies and procedures that are environmentally friendly.  


As a responsible corporate citizen, we are dedicated to creating economic value for all our stakeholders, government and the larger society. We will continue to leverage economy of scale, resource efficiency, well-trained workforce and state-of-the-art technology to drive innovation, improve profitability and return on investment.    

We will continue to support the economic growth and development agenda of government. We remain committed to driving sustainable growth in agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas, trade and commerce, construction and real estate, among other sectors of the economy. We also are committed to using our financial products to support SME growth and boost entrepreneurship. 


Our people are our most valuable assets. Our business strategy is anchored on People, Technology and Service. We recognize our employees as vital to our long-term performance and business continuity. 

At Zenith Bank, excellent service delivery is a key priority. And we understand that this can only be delivered by a workforce that is highly trained, skilled, competent and motivated to attain their full potential. This is why we celebrate hard work, reward excellence, and train up to 90 percent of our workforce annually. 

Zenith Bank is an equal opportunity employer. We abhor all forms of discrimination on the basis of gender, colour, tribe or ethnicity, religion, marital status or physical challenges. Our Human Rights Policy clearly defines these standards and lays down strict penalties for violations. 

In accordance with international labour standards as spelt out in the International Labor Organization (ILO) Forced Labor Convention (2014), Zenith Bank does not condone the use of forced or compulsory labor in its operations or in its dealings with third parties. We promote gender equality and provide equal opportunities for all employees to thrive. 

We are committed to responsible products delivery, mutually beneficial relationship with our host communities, and compliance with all laws and regulations governing our business activities. 

We will continue to leverage our position as a leading African brand to support efforts towards eradicating extreme poverty, creating new jobs and ensuring inclusive growth and development. 


We are committed to the global fight against greenhouse gas emission, climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, resource depletion, and all other forms of practices that degrade the quality of our physical environment. We are also committed to the environmental and social standards of the Equator Principles, the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI)the UN Global Compact (UNGC), the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) among other global codes that promote responsible business practices and the wellbeing of the environment. 

For us, achieving a balanced scorecard means integrating environmental and social considerations into our measurement scale, and looking beyond just profit. It also entails imbibing global best practices in our business policies and practices and ensuring that our value system is propelled by a commitment to the triple-bottom line – people, planet and profit. We will continue to promote policies and practices that would reduce our potential negative environmental footprints while enhancing our positive environmental impact. 

Zenith Bank Partnerships and Collaborations

Partnerships and Collaborations

As a signatory to the UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking, the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the CBN Nigerian Sustainable Banking Principles (NSBP), among other local and international sustainable business principles, we understand the critical importance of collaboration in the actualization of sustainable development. We will continue to foster local and international partnerships towards accelerated growth and penetration of sustainable practices in the financial services sector. We are committed to playing our role in ensuring the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of our world. 

Zenith Bank Stakeholders


Our stakeholders are those entities that have direct or indirect impact on the attainment of our corporate goals and objectives; and whose social, economic and environmental well-being we also impact, directly or indirectly. These include our employees, customers, shareholders and investors, government and regulators, host communities, suppliers and vendors and the media.


We understand the need for effective engagement of these stakeholders and the critical role they play in the actualization of our business goals and objectives. As an aspiring global brand, it is our responsibility to pay close attention to the views and concerns expressed by our stakeholders and to build considerations for their wellbeing into every business decision we make and every business action we take. We are mindful of how our business operations impact them, and vice versa. 


Using a variety of open and participatory engagement channels such as surveys, one-on-one meetings, summits, conference calls, dedicated contact centres, annual general meetings, bulletins, periodic reports, among others, we effectively engage our stakeholders, feeling their pulse at every point in time and ensuring that we include their feedback in our business decisions. The issues raised during these engagements and our progress in addressing them are reported each year, in our annual Sustainability Report.  


We understand our role in stimulating increased economic activities, job creation, infrastructure development, economic diversification, women and youth empowerment, capacity building, extreme poverty eradication and overall economic growth and development. To this end, we continue to invest in communities as part of our corporate social responsibility. 

Zenith Bank Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting

As an emerging global brand, we understand the importance of transparency and full disclosure of our economic, social and environmental impact. The bank complies with the Central Bank of Nigeria bi-annual progress report on NSBP implementation and the UNEPFI Principles for Responsible Banking self-assessment requirements. In addition, we publish a standalone report on our sustainability performance.


In 2016, we published our first global, standalone Sustainability Report for the 2015 financial year, using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-G4) principles and guidelines and audited by external assurers – PricewaterhouseCoopers. Subsequent reports been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core Option. The reports published annually provide a balanced review of our sustainability performance, analyzing our environmental, social, and economic footprints on the communities where we carry out business. They also examine our engagement with key stakeholders; the gaps in the actualization of our sustainability goals; and our strategic plans towards improving our overall performance in the future.


  • Best Company in Sustainability Reporting  (The SERAS CSR Awards Africa, 2017 & 2018) 
  • Best Company in Promotion of Good Health and Well-Being (The SERAS CSR Awards Africa, 2019) 

  • Second position - Sustainable Bank of the Year (CBN Sustainability Awards 2019) 

  • Best Company in Promotion of Good Health and Well-Being (The SERAS CSR Awards Africa, 2020)

  • Best Company in Gender Equality and Woman Empowerment (The SERAS CSR Awards Africa, 2020)

  • Chief Executive of the Year (The SERAS CSR Awards Africa, 2020)

  • 2nd runner up Overall Winner of Most Responsible Organisation in Africa (The SERAS CSR Awards Africa, 2020)
  • Most Responsible Organisation in Africa  (The SERAS CSR Awards Africa, 2021)

  • Best Company in Reporting and Transparency  (The SERAS CSR Awards Africa, 2021)

  • Best Company in Promotion of Gender Equality and Woman Empowerment  (The SERAS CSR Awards Africa, 2021)

  • Best Company in Infrastructure Development  (The SERAS CSR Awards Africa, 2021)

  • Chief Executive of the Year  (The SERAS CSR Awards Africa, 2021)

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