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Instant Payments

Via the NIBSS e-Billspay platform, a payer initiates payments from self-service channels of his/her respective bank. This could be the internet banking platform of a bank or via any participating bank branch.

Zenith Bank NIBSS e-Billspay

NIBSS e-Billspay

This is an account-based, online real-time product that facilitates the payment of bills from an account. It ensures instant credit of payments and receipt of collections on behalf of Billers/Merchant recruited on the platform.


The eBillsPay platform currently accepts payments through the following electronic channels provided by banks.

  1. Internet Banking
  2. Bank Branch


On-Line Real-Time transaction reporting
Payments can be made to any Biller as long as the Biller is signed onto the NIBSS eBillPay service and with the assurance that the Biller would receive value in real time mode.

Inter-Bank in nature
This service leverages the NIBSS Instant Payment (NIP) platform that all banks have connected to. As a result of this, there is seamless and straight-through processing from the initiation point to the beneficiary.

Based on Bank Account Numbers (Non – Card)
Unlike other payment services that require the use of cards, NIBSS eBillsPay is based on Account numbers of bank customers.

Authentication is done by Sending Bank
By virtue of the Sending Bank being the source of transactions, authentication (determining that the customer is who he claims he is) is done by the Sending Bank.

Biller Notification
The service provides a means of notifying Billers of payments made by customers via SMS or online real-time using the NIBSS Payment Gateway.


  • Seamless payments from any bank in Nigeria real time via the bank’s branch or Internet banking platform.
  • Instant value.
  • Authentication.
  • Biller notification via a login portal; SMS & E-mail or a direct integration to the biller’s system.
  • No limit on the transaction value.
  • Captures unique identifier(s) for reconciliation of invoice related transactions.


A Biller (“The Customer”) will need to provide the following;

  • A duly executed NIBSS e-Bills Pay Application form.
  • The NIBSS e-BillsPay Agreement.
  • A letter specifying any customization requirement. (Optional).
  • An interface to validate where all forms of validation can be sent to. This includes all the fields to be returned upon successful validation (Optional).
  • Provide all fields to be returned for notification of successful payments and XML structures for web service methods, description of special terms and codes, web service field description, error codes and other technical details to be included as necessary (Optional).

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