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Make the transition from local business to global player with GlobalPAY, our online payment gateway that enables businesses with or without functional websites accept payments, from customers globally.

Zenith Bank Direct Integration

Direct Integration

The payment gateway is integrated to your website enabling you receive card payments from cardholders from any bank in Nigeria or internationally.

Other Payment Options

Complete transactions without your card on GlobalPay using the following services.

  • Pay by Transfer (Managed Virtual Account Service)
  • Pay with USSD
  • Pay via Bank Account (eMandate)
  • Pay using QR 

Pay by transfer (Managed Virtual Account Service)– Pay with transfer is a unique service that makes use of a virtual account number whenever a customer pays for goods or services.

How it works

  • A virtual account is generated at checkout
  • Customer makes payment to the account number displayed via his/her preferred mode of transfer
  • The Gateway generates receipt if transaction is successful

 Pay with USSD - This option will enable any bank account holder make payment by simply dialing a USSD string or code displayed on the checkout page, using the mobile phone number registered with his/her respective bank.

 How it works:

  1. Select Pay with USSD upon checkout.
  2. USSD string displays.
  3. Customer dials USSD string and code displayed.
  4. Customer confirms payment with his USSD PIN.
  5. Customer is debited and payment successful is shown on the website.

 Pay using Bank Account (eMandate) - This option enables Zenith Bank account holders make payments directly from their bank account, by simply imputing their bank details and authorization Pin on the checkout page. Afterwards, the account is debited instantly provided there are sufficient funds.

How it works:

  1. Select eMandate upon checkout.
  2. Customer enters his account number and Pin and clicks pay.
  3. Customer is debited and payment successful is shown on the website.

Pay using QR – This is an option that makes use of a Quick Response code (Bar Code) to capture transaction details and enable users make payment.  

 How it works:  

  • A QR code is generated at checkout.   
  • Customer scans the code using his/her smartphone camera.  
  • Transaction is consummated and the payment gateway generates receipt if transaction is successful. 


Storefront Page
A payment page is hosted for your business on the GlobalPAY Storefront at

Whichever approach is adopted, you will be able to receive payments from a wide variety of locally and internationally issued debit, credit and prepaid cards. This will ensure that your business can accept payments conveniently on its website from customers all over the world. Both the integrated payment gateway and the Storefront accept MasterCard, Visa and Verve cards. With GlobalPAY, your website will also have the functionality of accepting and monitoring mobile payments made via mobile phone.
An online log is available to view all transactions as they occur on your website.


  • Acceptance of locally and internationally issued cards.
  • MasterCard, Visa and Verve Cards.
  • Online real-time log for monitoring transactions as they occur.
  • Real-time online processing of transactions i.e. instant debit of cardholders account immediately payment is made.
  • Multi-card acceptance with single integration
  • Multi-currency processing
  • Highest levels of data protection via PCI Compliance
  • Supports Mastercard Securecode and Verified By Visa
  • Multi-currency Settlement (Naira and Dollars)



  1.  Merchant signs payment integration forms for GlobalPAY (MasterCard & Visa) & Interswitch.
  2.  Merchant issues two cheques, one in favour of ‘INTERSWITCH NIGERIA LTD’ and the other in favour of Zenith Bank Plc as advised below.
  3.  APIs will be exchanged between Zenith Bank’s certified web programmer and customer’s web developer as part of the integration process.
  4.  Following completion of integration and successful testing of the payment engine on the website, payments by customer can commence.
  5. Merchant is provided with a console to view transactions as they occur online real-time.


  1. Customer visits Merchant website and adds desired items to the shopping cart.
  2.  Customer selects card type to pay with.
  3.  Shopping cart links to payment interface for the selected card type.
  4.  Customer securely keys in card information.
  5. Once payment is successful, an online receipt is displayed on-screen and can be printed by the Customer.


MasterCard/Visa (local) FREE 1.5% of transaction amount (subject to a maximum of ₦2,000) MERCHANT
MasterCard/Visa (Int’l) FREE 3.5% of transaction amount; no cap MERCHANT
Interswitch Verve FREE 1.5% of transaction amount (subject to a maximum of ₦2,000) MERCHANT


Monthly Access Fee – FREE


Settlement for local cards: T + 1

Settlement for international cards: T + 2

Frequently Asked Questions

We are available to help you with any of your banking needs. Do you have a question? We have got answers to some frequently asked questions about our products and services and much more.


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