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Card Solutions

Paying with plastic is steadily becoming the rule rather then the exception. But our corporate cards are not only about replacing cash, as there is so much more you can do with them.

Zenith Bank Corporate Card Suite

Corporate Card Suite

The Corporate Card enables authorized employees to purchase and pay for goods and services related to business travel and entertainment, within given guidelines, while conducting business on behalf of the company. The Corporate Card is intended to be used for non-capital or non-retail related purchases, such as airfare, car rental or ground transportation, meals, hotel or lodging.

It offers the flexibility and information your client needs to manage all corporate expense. Corporate cards are used extensively by large organizations, multinational companies and government agencies around the world. The corporate card solution is equipped with a robust expense management tool used for expense reporting.


  • Expense Reporting
  • Defined employee spend limit to control spending
  • Available in Debit and Prepaid
  • Provision for Corporate name on card
  • Expense Management
  • Data Integration with ERP
  • Recognizes organizational hierarchical structure for expense approvals.
  • Monitor and control costs
  • Consolidated spend information
  • Streamlined expense reporting
  • Groups and analyzes transactional data
  • Access to enhanced data reporting
  • Monitor employee compliance with spend policies
  • Identify preferred suppliers and improve supplier negotiation
  • Saves time and cost
  • Reports can be customized to suit customers’ needs

Zenith Bank Multipurpose Cards

Multipurpose Cards

The Zenith Bank multipurpose card is a card that serves as both an identity card and a payment card for Schools, Institutions, Government Agencies/Parastatals and Large Corporate etc. The cards can be customized with the company's logo, cardholder passport photograph, identity number and any other information specified by the company.


  • Automatic compliance with the cashless limits set by the Central Bank.
  • Serves as both identification and payment card
  • The cost of producing an extra Identity card for each beneficiary is eliminated because the multipurpose card serves a dual purpose
  • Reduced exposure to risks and losses from keeping and carrying cash to pay for services
  • Multipurpose card owners will benefit from any discount when the card is used at Zenith Bank’s participating merchant locations in Nigeria
  • Convenient
  • Necessary information about the student is captured to aid reconciliation and premium service delivery.

Zenith Bank Zenith Bank Co-Branded Card

Zenith Bank Co-Branded Card

The Zenith bank co-branded card is a payment card issued in partnership with Micro Finance Banks, FinTechs and Other Financial Institutions etc. It is customized with the requesting company’s preferred card design and logo. It is a card scheme solution designed to meet the needs of the customer. The Co-branded cards can be used on all Zenith bank e-channels and eligible for discounts, points, or other rewards when used at a sponsoring merchant location.


  1. What types of Co-branded cards are available?
    Our Co-branded Cards are available in Debit, Credit, and Prepaid.

  2. How Many Accounts Can Be Tied to a Co-branded Debit Card?
    Maximum of two account for Naira (Current & Savings).

  3. Who should apply for a Co-branded Card?
    Companies, Social Organizations, Churches, Schools, Government Agencies, Agric Firms.

  4. How do I get a Co-branded Card?
    Customer can apply for the card at any Zenith Bank branch by submitting a request letter containing the quantity of cards to be produced. The letter must contain the details to be added in front of the card e.g Name, I.D No.

  5. What Is The Validity Period Of The Card?
    3 Years

  6. How Many Times Can I Withdraw From The ATM?
    A Maximum of 5 times daily for domestic withdrawal.

  7. Can I View My Co-branded Card Transactions Online?
    Yes, using our corporate internet banking platform.

  8. What Currency is the Co-branded Card?

  9. Can a Co-branded Card be used abroad?
    The co-branded card cannot be used for international transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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