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No matter what payment cards your customers carry, our Point of Sale terminals have the capability to accept all cards irrespective of the issuing bank.

Zenith Bank Features


Cardless payment

Complete transactions without your card on POS using the following services.

  1. Pay with Transfer
  2. Scan to Pay
  3. USSD on POS

1. Pay with transfer – Pay with transfer is a unique integration that instantly prints a transaction receipt on the in-store POS terminal whenever a customer pays for goods or services by transfer.

How it works

  • A virtual account is assigned to the preferred POS terminals
  • Customer requests to make payment by transfer
  • Cashier selects Pay with Transfer on the POS terminal and the virtual account is displayed.
  • Customer makes payment to the account number displayed via his/her preferred mode of transfer
  • The POS terminal automatically prints receipt if transaction is successful

Benefits: Instant value, It is a card less service on the POS
Settlement: Same day.

2. Scan To Pay - Scan To Pay is a fast, simple and secure way of making payments at merchant’s outlets by simply scanning a QR code using a smart phone. QR is an acronym for Quick Response code. It is similar to a barcode displayed on items or goods found in stores (Learn More).

3. USSD on POS - This payment option will enable any bank account holder pay by simply dialing *966*000*code displayed on the POS# from the mobile phone number registered with their respective bank.

Key Features:

  • USS ON POS is available across all network in Nigeria and does not require data connectivity for transactions to be consummated.
  • Settlement of transactions is T + 1.

How it works:

  1. Select USSD payment on POS.
  2. Enter amount.
  3. Provide USSD code displayed on POS terminal.
  4. Customer dials USSD string and code displayed.
  5. Customer confirms payment with his USSD PIN.
  6. Customer is debited and POS prints receipt.



Our terminals support major local and international NFC enabled cards.


Balancing reports at end of day and customized reporting ensure there are no loose ends in your accounting.


Each transaction takes between 8 and 15 seconds on an internet connection.


Your business will have the benefit of the latest hardware as well as up to date software designed to help reduce fraud and enhance data security.


Our terminals’ compatibility with the new Chip-and-PIN standard helps you prevent fraud.


Take advantage of the latest industry standard for point-of-sale data security. You will receive the most current security for your terminals including card masking capability.


Conveniently view realtime data, search transactions, customize reports and analyze trends with the available Transaction Viewer Portal with which you can view your transactions as they occur, or the Settlement Viewer Portal which breaks down your lump sum settlement into the individual transactions.


There are 3 available cycles:

· Consolidated settlement – Bulk T+1 settlement on or before 9am

· Same day settlement – Transactions are settled same day by 7pm

· Instant settlement – Real-time or batched (at a predefined time)

Frequently Asked Questions

We are available to help you with any of your banking needs. Do you have a question? We have got answers to some frequently asked questions about our products and services and much more.


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