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SME Grow My Business

Zenith Bank is committed to partnering with micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to grow their potential and achieve entrepreneurial success.

Zenith Bank About


SME Grow My Biz by Zenith offers an enterprise a veritable platform to better manage the business and give it the visibility it deserves in the market. From providing digital skills and business solutions to helping your business find customers, build loyalty and access loans more swiftly, the product guarantees maximum value.


  1. Easy funding via access to credit facilities at low-interest rates;
  2. Better capacity building with smart business tools, convenient and easy to use payment and collection channels, free training and seminars, as well as hand-holding support and advisory services;
  3. Easy access to new markets with free website development, online business listings, marketing toolkits that provide messaging and content to promote the business.


  1. Accounts should be a registered company or business name with CAC.
  2. Must subscribe to digital channels for payments and collections of trade proceeds.
  3. Business to maintain a minimum operating balance (as applicable).
  4. Must operate within the specified account turnover window to enjoy a reduced account maintenance fee.


  1. Zero account opening deposit.
  2. Free cheque book.
  3. As low N0.10k account maintenance fee.
  4. Free and swift business listing on Google Search and Google Maps.
  5. Free and regular digital training.
  6. Free integration to electronic collection solutions – QR codes, Global pay, X-Path, 3rd party collections and others.
  7. Selected business products and services at discounted rates.
  8. Loan products – SME loans, asset financing, digital loans and credit cards.

Google My Business

With Google My Business, you get more than a business listing. Your free business profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.

SME Grow my Biz Accounts

SME Grow My Biz offers a suite of customized value propositions that will provide support to MSMEs for sustainable growth. So whether you want a basic account or one bursting with options, you will find the right account that meets your needs. Visit any of our branches to open your account today.

SME Basic Account

Micro Enterprise

Annual  Turnover Below N20M

Minimum operating balance:


SME Loan Limit:

N2m Max

30-day revolving Digital loan:

N200k Max

SME Premium Account

Small Enterprise

Annual Turnover N20M-49.9M

Minimum operating balance:


SME Loan Limit:

N5m Max

30-day revolving Digital loan:

N500k Max

SME-Ultra Account

Medium Enterprise

Annual Turnover

Minimum operating balance:


SME Loan Limit:

N10m Max

30-day revolving Digital loan:

N1M Max

Zenith Bank Insure Your Business

Insure Your Business

Insurance is a form of risk management used to hedge against the risk of uncertain loss and provide a guarantee of compensation and peace of mind for the specified loss in return for a specified premium. It also helps you pay for damage to your property or pay others on your behalf when you damage their property.

Recommended Products:

  • Motor Insurance
  • Group Personal Accident
  • Combined Fire & Burglary
  • Plant All Risk

Engage your Account Relationship Manager for guidance.

Zenith Bank Earn More from ZMoney

Earn More from ZMoney

As a micro, small or medium sized business, you can boost your earnings from being a part of our ZMoney Network.  
Through ZMoney, we partner and empower new and existing businesses across the country to diversify their income streams.
When signed up, you can perform basic banking services on behalf of the bank and earn a fee for as many services as you provide to your customers.

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