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Card Solutions

Fresh strategy is crucial if businesses are to grow and retain their market share. Our card solutions provide a strategic platform to collaborate with businesses to achieve mutually rewarding goals.

Zenith Bank Multi-Purpose Cards

Multi-Purpose Cards

Specially designed for student groups, clubs, societies, churches and non-governmental institutions, airlines, small businesses and government agencies.


  • Denominated in Naira
  • Can have student’s bio data information to include; ID/Reg number, signature, Photograph,Department etc
  • Multi-channel acceptance; ATM, POS, WEB and can be customized to suit your preferred channel
  • Access to 24-hour customer support
  • The card is chip and PIN enabled
  • 3D online security (VbyV and MasterCard Secure Code)
  • SMS and Email notifications on all transactions done with your card


Multi-Purpose Payment Card is a smart card that can have all or some of the following capabilities:

  • Payment card
  • Identity card
  • Biometrics and Access control
  • Time and attendance
  • Co branding option

Zenith Bank Branded And Loyalty Card

Branded And Loyalty Card

Businesses constantly need new strategies to retain customers and increase market share. There is also an increasing need to move payments from traditional cash to alternative channels due to security challenges and the cost of cash processing. With our range of electronic channels, we go into a Retail Partnership For Growth, with our Merchants. This entails the issuance of a Loyalty and/or Co-branded cards designed with a rewards system.


  • Available in MasterCard and Visa variants
  • Card customized according to merchant’s preference
  • Reward option determined by Merchant
  • Branded with merchant’s logo
  • Available as personalized and non-personalize
  • Available as Debit and Prepaid

Zenith Bank Corporate Card Suite

Corporate Card Suite

The Corporate Card enables authorized employees to purchase and pay for goods and services related to business travel and entertainment, within given guidelines, while conducting business on behalf of the company. The Corporate Card is intended to be used for non-capital or non-retail related purchases, such as airfare, car rental or ground transportation, meals, hotel or lodging.

It offers the flexibility and information your client needs to manage all corporate expense. Corporate cards are used extensively by large organizations, multinational companies and government agencies around the world. The corporate card solution is equipped with a robust expense management tool used for expense reporting.


  • Expense Reporting
  • Defined employee spend limit to control spending
  • Available in Debit and Prepaid
  • Provision for Corporate name on card
  • Expense Management
  • Data Integration with ERP
  • Recognizes organizational hierarchical structure for expense approvals.
  • Monitor and control costs
  • Consolidated spend information
  • Streamlined expense reporting
  • Groups and analyzes transactional data
  • Access to enhanced data reporting
  • Monitor employee compliance with spend policies
  • Identify preferred suppliers and improve supplier negotiation
  • Saves time and cost
  • Reports can be customized to suit customers’ needs

Frequently Asked Questions

We are available to help you with any of your banking needs. Do you have a question? We have got answers to some frequently asked questions about our products and services and much more.


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