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Zenith Bank Zenith Bank Friday Giveaway

Zenith Bank Friday Giveaway

The Zenith Bank Zenith Bank Friday Giveaway 

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How to qualify

To be eligible, You:

  • must have an active Zenith bank account.
  • must be following the official Zenith Bank social media pages.
  • must like and reshare the post with the relevant hashtags #ZenithFridayGiveaway #ZBFridayGiveaway.
  • must tag at least 5 people to like their comments and also follow the Zenith Bank official pages.

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We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with quality banking services and look forward to helping you reach your financial goals.

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The Zenith Bank Virtual Card is specifically designed for web transactions and can be used to shop online (accepted locally and internationally), pay bills and subscriptions etc.

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Download zenith bank mobile app

Zenith Bank’s Mobile App can transform your smartphone into a powerful banking tool. Download now and experience the speed and convenience of banking on the go.

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Register for *966# EazyBanking

Dial *966# and register for the *966# EazyBanking service.

*966# EazyBanking is a convenient, fast, and secure way to access your bank account and perform banking transactions via your non-smartphone without internet connectivity. This service is available to all individual account holders with any feature phones that run on the GSM platform.


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