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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the maiden edition of our quarterly publication: Inside Zenith, which we will be publishing to keep you abreast of what’s happening in your Bank Inside Zenith will focus on our activities, innovative solutions we have introduced to enable you seamlessly fit banking into your lifestyle, our product range, our social responsibility interventions and our other financial/non-financial activities.

In today’s fast paced digital world, it is very easy to miss important information regarding available options that could help you save money, improve your business and even explore possible opportunities. Inside Zenith is our attempt to collate all such information as it pertains to your Bank in one handy package just for you.

We hope you find this publication a value adding read and welcome your feedback via email to

Thank you and have a pleasant read.

Jim Ovia CFR, the Founder & Chairman of Zenith Bank Plc


Zenith Bank was incorporated in May 1990 and has grown steadily over the years to become one of the most respected brands in the country and the largest financial institution by tier-1 capital in Nigeria, with a steady growth on a global scale.
By leveraging emerging digital technologies before other industry players, we have been able to build a product portfolio that addresses the banking needs of the Nigerian customer spectrum and allows people bank safely, quickly and conveniently.
We offer quality service via robust digital channels, strategically situated branches and agents pan Nigeria and from subsidiary banks in the United Kingdom (UK), Ghana, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, China and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our banking channels offer the best experience and value for users and our service quality has been consistently rated the best in the industry by reputable institutions such as KPMG in their annual Banking Customer Satisfaction Survey Index.
Our people are the main driving force behind the Zenith Bank brand, with discipline, passion, integrity, empathy and professionalism remaining the values that influence their every action. Large sums are expended annually by the Bank on a wide variety of trainings to ensure our people are the most knowledgeable and service focused in the industry.

Why choose Zenith Bank?

There are innumerable reasons why you should have a Zenith Bank Account and these include the following:
1. We listen to our customers: Feedback from our valued customers is taken seriously because our entire operations are aimed at ensuring we address every customer need.
2. We are passionate about customer service: We know everyone has unique growth goals and therefore ensure our product range addresses every segment of the society.
3. We are committed to helping our customers grow: We understand customers’ needs are dynamic that’s why we are constantly innovating new digital products and services to ensure such needs are met.
4. Our branches are strategically located to ensure accessibility for everyone and we offer best in class digital channels that enable you access your funds anytime and from anywhere in the world.
5. We offer value adding products and services: Our accounts designs, service options and unique collaborations are strategically aimed at availing customers with positive value that will help them achieve their short and long term aspirations.

What’s New at Zenith Bank?

Ever changing customer needs and engagement patterns are critical factors that drive our operational strategy at Zenith Bank and define the type of products/services we innovate for our audiences.
We currently operate a Zero Naira Account Opening and Minimum Balance Policy for our regular retail current and savings accounts, which means that anyone can open a Zenith Bank Account via our numerous channels without having to immediately make a deposit and you can withdraw the entire amount in your account at any time you wish.

Account Offerings

The Zenith Bank account portfolio comprises offerings for each spectrum of the Nigerian populace:

Zenith Bank Children’s Account (ZECA) : Ages 0-12
The Zenith Children’s Account (ZECA) is a unique savings account designed to allow parents save for their children’s future while teaching children the benefits of financial discipline and savings in a fun way. ZECA offers competitive interest rates and supports cheque, draft and dividend lodgments.

Zenith Bank Children’s Account For Teens (ZECA Teens) : Ages 13-17
ZECA Teens is designed to avail teenagers aged 13 to 17 years with all the benefits of the Zenith Children’s Account and a customized Naira MasterCard (a prepaid card issued upon Parent’s request), so they can start learning to manage money.

Zenith Bank Aspire Account
The Zenith Aspire Account is an interest-bearing savings account for Nigerian undergraduates that offers them competitive savings rates, free access to zenith alternative channels, account transaction notifications, a customized debit card and discounts at select retail partners.

Zenith Bank Individual Current Account
The Zenith Bank Current Account is a flexible current account that allows you bank and perform financial transactions at your convenience from anywhere in the world. Account holders enjoy a branded cheque book, debit and credit cards, email/SMS transaction notifications and free access to the Bank’s internet banking platform, mobile app and other digital solutions.

Zenith Bank Savings Account
The Zenith Individual and Salary Savings Accounts are recommended if you have specific savings goals in mind or you just want to start setting money aside. The account offers competitive interest rates, debit and credit cards, email/SMS transaction notifications and free access to the Bank’s internet banking platform, mobile app and other digital solutions.

Zenith Bank Gold Account
The Zenith Bank Gold Account is an interest bearing current account designed for customers that have more inflow transactions than outflows. The account pays out 1.7% interest per annum on daily account balances and has a minimum balance requirement of N1,000,000.00 (One Million Naira) at all times. Account holders also get a Gold Premium Debit Card that entitles them to higher spend limits and lifestyle benefits at select merchants.

Zenith Bank Platinum Account
The Zenith Bank Platinum Account is similar to the Gold account, but offers a higher interest rate of 2% on daily account balances and has a minimum balance requirement of N3,000,000.00 (Three Million Naira) at all times. Account holders also get a Platinum Premium debit card with higher spending limits and other lifestyle benefits at select merchants.

The Zenith Card Range

The Zenith Bank Card range is designed to enable customers perform transactions from anywhere in the world without having to carry cash.

Debit Cards
Zenith Bank debit cards provide 24-hour account access from over 200 countries in the world. They support ATM withdrawals in the local currencies of these countries, in store POS purchases and online payments.
Zenith Bank debit cards are issued instantly upon request at any branch office in partnership with MasterCard, Visa and Verve. They are available as Classic, Gold and Platinum variants and protected with Chip and PIN technology.
Visit for more information.

Credit cards
Zenith Bank Credit Cards are ideal for people requiring the flexibility and worldwide acceptance that such cards offer. They offer high credit spending limits at competitive rates while providing the cardholder with emergency replacement assistance, Priority Pass access to over 600 of the world’s most exclusive airport lounges/concierge services, Supplementary cards for family members and 3D online security amongst other benefits.
Zenith Bank Credit Cards are available in Naira and Dollar denominations and issued in partnership with MasterCard and Visa in Classic, Gold and Platinum variants.
Visit for more information.

Prepaid cards
Zenith Prepaid Cards have the same features as Zenith Debit Cards with the exception that they are not linked directly to the customer’s account. The Card puts you in total control of your everyday spending as payments are limited to the funds available in the prepaid card.
Simply load the Prepaid card account with the funds you will need when you shop or travel and use the Card for all your payment needs. They are available in Naira, Dollar, Euro and Pounds denominations and issued in partnership with MasterCard and Visa.
Visit for more information.

Making Life Easy with *966# Eazybanking

*966# Eazybanking
*966# Eazybanking is a convenient, fast and secure way to bank on any mobile phone (feature or Internet enabled). The solution does not involve the use of Internet/data and users perform a plethora of transactions by simply dialing short codes. Registering for *966# Eazybanking can be done by simply dialing *966# and following the prompts.
Available *966# Eazybanking Strings:

  • Airtime Purchase : Dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number#
  • Funds Transfers to Any Nigerian Bank Account : Dial *966*Amount*Account Number#
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN) Confirmation : Dial *966*BVN#
  • Password and Pin Reset : Dial *966*60#
  • DSTV, PHCN Bill Payments : Dial *966*7*Amount*Customer ID#
  • Payments to Zenith Billers : Dial *966*Biller Code*Amount#


Visit for more information.

The Zenith Bank App World
The Bank has published four major apps on the Android, Blackberry and IOS stores to enable our customers bank and transact conveniently from anywhere in the world. These are;

  • The Zenith Mobile App: This Mobile App leverages the growing ubiquity of smartphones to allow users access all their Zenith Bank accounts and perform a myriad of transactions at their own convenience. These include account opening, balance enquiries, funds transfers, payments, card request, activation and hotlisting, airline and hotel bookings and lots more.

Visit to download.

  • The Zenith Scan to Pay App: This is a unique application that enables users make payments at merchant locations where the scan to pay icon is displayed by merely scanning quick response (QR) codes, confirming the payment amount and entering a PIN. The app also enables customers remotely deposit other bank cheques and dividend warrants for clearing without having to visit the Bank.

Visit to download.

  • The Zenith e-Token App: This app enables customers generate One Time Passwords (OTPs) for authenticating electronic transactions without using a hardware token device. A one-time password (OTP) is a series of characters that automatically authenticates the user for a single transaction or session.

Visit to download.

Zenith Bank Internet Banking Platform
The Zenith Bank Internet Banking platform is a dynamic solution hosted on the Bank’s website ( that enables individual and corporate customers to perfom most of their banking transactions online. Account holders can make transfers, payments, view/download account activity in any format and get real-time account balances on transactions amongst other things.
To request for Internet Bank log on details today, please call Zenith Direct on:

  • +234 1 278 7000
  • +234 1 292 7000

Zenith Bank Point of Sale Terminals (POS)
The Zenith Electronic Point of Sale terminal (POS) is a device deployed at merchant locations that enable customers make payments to merchants using their bank cards.
Customers pay either by inserting their bank cards into the POS or tapping on the terminal if they have contactless cards, whereupon the customer’s account is debited and the merchant’s account with Zenith Bank is credited. Transaction is evidenced by receipts printed in duplicate by the POS terminal. Zenith Bank MultiCard POS terminal accepts Verve, MasterCard and Visa cards.

Get Started As a Zenith Customer
There are 4 ways you can open a Zenith Bank account, get your account number instantly and start enjoying our unique services:.

    • By dialling *966*0# and following the prompts. This only takes a few minutes and can be done on any feature or internet enabled phone as there are no Internet/Data requirements.
    • By visiting our website ( and completing an online application form.
    • The Zenith Mobile. The Zenith Mobile App has an account opening feature that allows you open an account for yourself or others. The app is available at the blackberry, Android and IOS stores for download.
    • By visiting any Zenith Bank branch and filling an account opening application form.

Our customers are considered family and come first in everything we do. We encourage you to open an account today and start enjoying world class services.

Touching Lives
At Zenith Bank we believe progress should be collective and everyone should be entitled to opportunities that help empower them to be the best they can.
This train of thought has been the underlying foundation of all our social responsibility initiatives over the years. The Bank is involved in a myriad of projects that continue to have a positive impact on our host communities including within:

  • Public Infrastructure – Zenith Bank always seeks out opportunities to give back to society. Therefore, the Bank undertook the reconstruction of the Ajose Adeogun road including the Eko Hotel roundabout in 2006. Thus vastly boosting economic activities in the area and its environs.
  • Healthcare – Improving the quality of life of Nigerians, Zenith Bank constructed the Iga Iduganran Healthcare Centre. In addition, attention has been paid to the elderly; Zenith Bank donated to and visited the Holy Family Home for the Elderly. Not leaving out the youth of the nation, orphanages such as the Motherless Babies Home, and others across Nigeria were visited by Zenith Bank with donations including their daily essentials as well as some domestic appliances.

  • Education – The importance of educating the Nigerian youth is not lost on Zenith Bank, who has devised means to ensure students – from primary to tertiary levels of education – are well equipped to succeed. The ZECA Scholarship is one of such events. Held yearly on children’s day, this event targets granting 250 children of primary and secondary levels scholarships worth ₦250,000 each towards enhancing their studies. Nigerian universities have also benefited from the ‘Zenith Touch’ by way of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Centres, Libraries, etc across locations such as Unilag, UNN, LASU and others.
  • Sports – A huge feature in the Nigerian scene, the sports arena cannot be neglected. The Nigerian youth aspire to achieve the same status as their sport idols while bringing glory to the nation. Zenith Bank, understanding these aspirations, has undertaken sponsorship within different sport categories such as Football, Basketball and Swimming. The Super Eagles, Under 13 & 15, have benefitted from the ‘Zenith Touch’. Likewise, the Female Basket Ball League operating out of the National Basket Ball Federation, and others.

Zenith Bank aims to reflect its image of a responsible corporate citizen by continuously giving back to the communities where it carries out its business, with the end result being to deliver CSR projects that are relevant and impactful.

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