Walk For Cancer

In line with this year’s theme of ‘Style the Life You Desire’, the first initiative and activity for Style By Zenith is focused on the crucial importance of our health and fitness to our overall lifestyle.

The Style By Zenith Fitness Walk against Cancer seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as the importance of early screening for people who may be at risk of cancer.

The walk against Cancer is strategic given the following facts about Cancer.

  • • Cancer is now responsible for almost one in six deaths globally
  • • The worldwide burden of cancer doubled between 1975 and 2000 and is set to double again by 2020 and nearly triple by 2030
  • • It is projected that by 2030, one out of every two persons will be diagnosed of cancer in their lifetime
  • • Every year over 100,000 Nigerians are diagnosed with cancer, and over 70,000 die from the disease.
  • • The Nigerian cancer death ratio of about 1 in 5 is one of the worst in the whole world
  • • Cervical cancer which is virtually 100 per cent preventable kills one woman every hour in Nigeria.
  • • Breast cancer now kills 40 Nigerians every day (up from 30 daily in 2008)
  • • Prostate cancer kills 26 Nigerian men every day (up from 14 daily in 2008) (W.H.O. Report, 2013).
  • • Cancer can affect anyone, irrespective of age, sex or social class; some children are born with cancer
  • • Nigerians spend $200 million annually to seek treatment abroad
  • • Cancer hits the poor and vulnerable particularly hard, and drives them deeper into poverty

However, 1/3 of all cancers can be prevented, another 1/3 can be effectively cured with early diagnosis and palliative care can improve the quality of life of the last third.

Zenith Bank Plc is concerned with all aspects of societal well-being including health. Cancer affects every ramification of life and should be a major concern to the private sector, since it has cut short the lives and careers of many gifted and talented professionals and is a disease capable of taking away more than 30% of the income of a family. Therefore, tackling the problem of cancer indirectly, solves other related problems like children dropping out of school, poverty et al.

The Style By Zenith Fitness Walk Against Cancer is being held in partnership with Venus Medicare and Mass Medical Mission. Holding in five different cities across Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja and Onitsha) in 2019, the walk will comprise of various fitness activities as well as free cancer and health screening.

Beyond banking, Zenith Bank Plc looks to be a dependable ally to her clients guaranteeing that they are exceeding expectations on every front. We should ACT (Attack Cancer Together!) because every Nigerian deserves to live long enough to retire, to attend their children’s graduations and weddings, see their grandchildren and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Small things really make the big difference and you are only a step away from actualizing ‘big’ aspirations. The ‘small’ steps start here.

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