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Contactless POS Terminals

Contactless terminals are regular POS terminals with additional features to process offline transactions. Transactions are completed with a simple tap of the card on the POS terminal. No pin input is required and insertion of the card.

Debit cards have traditionally required a user to swipe the card through or insert the card into an electronic terminal. This allows the terminal to read the magnetic strip on the back of the card, which contains identifying information about the account. More recently, some terminals have begun to allow contactless transactions in which the card is waved over the terminal rather than swiped.

Who is it for?
Contactless acceptance is an excellent choice for any merchant, especially in environments where speed and convenience are priorities.

 How to Make a Contactless Payment:
       • The customer’s card must be contactless enabled to initiate this type of payment.
       • The cashier enters the amount on the POS terminal at checkout.
       • Customer confirms the amount and holds card close to the terminal until it approves the
          payment with a green light or beep sound.
       • Press any key to print customers receipt and again to print your copy.
       • Transaction will be settled next day as with the regular POS transactions and a report will
          be provided.

Locations With Contactless​ POS Terminal


Ikoyi Club


Mega Plaza - Chinese Restaurant & Supermarket


Silverbird Cinemas - Victoria Island, Ikeja, Abuja


Craft Gourmet


355 Restaurant


Double Four

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