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Zenith Cards
Product & Services - Zenith Cards

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At Zenith Bank, we give you a variety of card options ranging from debit to credit cards packed with outstanding benefits and global acceptance.

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About Zenith Bank Visa Credit Card



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Zenith offers three basic credit cards namely: the Classic, Gold and Platinum.



arrow Issued against a credit line.
arrow Can be used on POS,ATM and WEB.
arrow Enabled for card to card transfer on same brand.
arrow Flexible settlement option of 30%,50% or 100%
arrow Transaction history and mini statement accessible online
arrow Secured with the chip and PIN standard
arrow 3-D Secured ( SecureCode and Verified by Visa)




Convenient means of paying for goods and services

arrow Safe and secure payment tool compared to cash
arrow Affords the customer the flexibility to buy now and pay later
arrow 24 hours customer support


Channels on which the Credit Card can be used:

arrow On the Internet: here the cardholder supplies his information online by providing his details as requested.
arrow On an ATM machine: You can use your Visa on Zenith Banks’ ATM to make withdrawals, check balance e.t.c
arrow On a P.O.S terminal: It can be used in a shop that accepts Visa as a means of payment. Here the cardholder would swipe his card on the POS terminal available in the shop and supply his PIN no. as the case may be and enter the amount he wants to pay for. A receipt would be issued to him at the end of his transaction


Visa Classic Card

Visa Classic Credit Card

Visa Gold Card

Visa Gold Credit Card

VISA Platinium Card

Visa Platinium Credit Card



Cash (ATM Trxn) Classic Gold Platinum
DAILY Max Transactions 5 7 9
Total Amount ($) 650 750 1000
MONTHLY Max Transactions 15 20 30
Total Amount ($) 5000 20000 50000



Cash (POS & INTERNET) Classic Gold Platinum
DAILY Max Transactions 15 20 30
Total Amount ($) 2000 7500 20000
MONTHLY Max Transactions 40 60 80
Total Amount ($) 10000 30000 200000




For further enquiries on any of the Bank’s card products please contact:

Card Services
Zenith Bank Plc
Plot 84 Ajose Adeogun Street
Telephone: +234 01 278 1740, 278 2273. 
Fax: +234 1 2700438

E-mail: cardservices@zenithbank.com


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About Visa Debit Card


The Zenith Bank Visa Debit Card is linked directly to customers’ Naira account (current or savings) and also the Cash Dom USD account. This unique feature makes the Visa Debit a dual currency card; ideal for local ATM and purchase transactions in Nigeria and also for foreign transactions outside Nigeria.

Therefore for transactions in Nigeria, Naira will be debited from the current or savings while transactions outside the Nigeria will be debited from the USD cash dom account.


Visa Debit Card
VISA Prepaid Card





arrow Unembossed Dual Currency Visa Debit card
  • Spend in Naira for local transactions
  • Spend in USD for transactions outside Nigeria
arrow EMV Chip and PIN card.
arrow The card is issued free
arrow No Interest charges; no collateral required
arrow Online access to transaction history through Internet Banking
arrow No settlement required as cardholder spends only funds available in his/her account. The card is linked to customers’ Current OR Saving account and a cash domiciliary account providing access to available funds for transactions.
arrow Accepted worldwide (including Nigeria) at over 29 million merchants, 1 million ATM locations, for Internet
  and MO/TO ( – Mail Order/Telephone Order) where the Visa logo is displayed


Benefits Of The Product To The Customer:


Local and global acceptance of the Visa brand


Secured EMV card less prone to counterfeit

arrow Reduces the risk of carrying cash
arrow Convenient means of making payment.
arrow No risk of over-spending as it helps promote account management
arrow Excellent 24 Hours Customer Support



Credit Card Fees


Basic Subscription/Issuance Fee


Annual Fee


Renewal Fee




Pin Re-Issue


Retail Transaction Fees (Domestic)


Retail POS Transaction Fees (Int'l)

ATM Transaction Fees (On Us) 0

ATM Transaction Fees (Domestic)

ATM Transaction Fees (Int'l) $4

Cash Advance (On Us)


Cash Advance (Domestic)


Cash Advance (Int'l)




Local Trxn Parameters

Foreign Trxn Parameters


15 times

25 times








5 times

5 times














For further enquiries on any of the Bank’s card products please contact:

Card Services
Zenith Bank Plc
Plot 84 Ajose Adeogun Street
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Telephone: +234 01 278 1740, 278 2273. 
Fax: +234 1 2700438

E-mail: cardservices@zenithbank.com


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About Visa Prepaid



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The Zenith Bank Prepaid card offers you the recognition of a globally accepted payment card with convenience. This card is available to account and non account holders.

Cardholders can choose from 4 major global currencies (Dollar, Pounds, Euro and Naira)
This is a reloadable card designed for your everyday use: payment of school fees, hotel bills, and online purchases.

Simply pay at any Zenith Bank Branch and a prepaid card will be issued either in your name (personalized) or you can get any of our instant pick-up cards (non-personalized card).

The Visa Prepaid Card

Visa Prepaid Card




arrow Chip and PIN enabled
arrow Reloadable with 4 years validity period.
arrow They are reloadable prepaid cards denominated in USD, GBP and Euro.
arrow Global acceptance
arrow Cards can be used on the ATMs, POS, Internet as well as for Mail Orders and Telephone Orders.
  Available as personalized and non-personalized cards
arrow Cards are VbyV (Verified by VISA) certified which provides additional security measures for online transactions.
arrow Online account management to view transaction history and balances.
arrow Cardholders can initiate Card-to-Card transfer on Zenith Bank Visa Banking Online site.
arrow Available to Zenith Bank account holders and non account holders..


arrow The cards provide an efficient and convenient means for keeping securely BTA/PTA (Business/Personal Travel Allowances) as opposed to carrying cash.
arrow Cardholder can choose from 3 major global currencies.
arrow Currency conversion is eliminated for payments goods and services in same currency as the card currency.
arrow Reduced cash handling risks.
arrow No credit checks, No collateral required, No Settlement, No Interest charges.
arrow Convenient means of local and international payment
arrow Online statements are available for monitoring transactions.


Note: Ensure terms & conditions are clearly understood before obtaining a prepaid card.


How to Obtain a Prepaid Card:


Application forms are available at all Zenith Bank branches

arrow Applicant completes application form, read the terms and conditions carefully, signs and submits to Customer Service
arrow Applicant makes the applicable cash payment to the Teller using the customized deposit slip (available at Branches)
arrow Take copy of your deposit slip to Customer Service for processing. Initial deposit is $120 (exclusive of card fees)
  Card is activated within 24 hours after receipt of card.

Activating a Visa Prepaid Card:


Allow 24 hours from time of collection card activation to take effect


Re-loading a Visa Prepaid Card:


Go to any Zenith Bank branch with your Card Number.

arrow Complete fully the Prepaid deposit slip and proceed to the teller point with your cash.
arrow Your card will be re-credited within 48 hours. (Usually would be less). Charge per re-load is $5.


Denomination Parameter Cash Retail
USD Daily Max Transactions 5 20
Daily Total Amount 650 5000
GBP Daily Max Transactions 15 20
Daily Total Amount 500 3000
EURO Daily Max Transactions 15 20
Daily Total Amount 750 4000



For further enquiries on any of our ebusiness services please contact:

Card Services
Zenith Bank Plc
Plot 84 Ajose Adeogun Street

Telephone: +234 01 278 1740, 278 2273. 
Fax: +234 1 2700438

E-mail: cardservices@zenithbank.com


When using the prepaid on an internet Site, the delivery of the goods to your indicated address on the Merchant site is at the Merchant's discretion.
You are encouraged to ensure that the mailing address used for this application should be used also as your shipping address when shopping on the internet with your card.

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Zenith Bank Visa Cards Are VbyV - Secured


Verified By Visa Logo

Verified By Visa

Verified By Visa (VbyV) is a service designed by Visa to protect cardholders against fraud when they use their Visa cards to make payments on the Internet. Zenith Bank offers this great new service to all our Visa cardholders.

VbyV is free, easy-to-use and adds another level of security to online payments at participating web retailers that request for a PIN(password) known ONLY to the cardholder. However, your card will still be accepted at non-participating web retailers.

Currently over 25,000 online merchants participate in the VbyV scheme; and the number is growing

How does VbyV work?

bulletObtain your VbyV PIN from the branch or through internet banking

bullet Proceed to make payment online

bullet On presentation of the VbyV screen, enter the PIN

bullet Transaction will be authorized with the right PIN


Benefits of VbyV

bullet Buy online with confidence. By inputting a VbyV for online payments you (the cardholder) help ensure that only you can make online payments with your Zenith Bank Visa card(s).

bullet VbyV is Free. Verified by Visa is offered at no charge.

bullet Merchants Discounts Available. As a VbyV registered cardholder, you can take advantage of special offers and discounts at participating online stores.


VbyV Activation for Visa Debit Cards

The cardholder is required to choose an iPIN on a Zenith Bank enabled Visa ATM.

bullet Insert card into the ATM

bullet Input the card PIN

bullet Select the PIN Change option on the ATM menu and chose the iPIN option

bullet Cardholder then inputs his card PIN

bullet Selects a new iPIN for VbyV transactions, confirm the new iPIN.

bullet Cardholder to wait for transaction completion message. VbyV is now activated for the Visa Debit card.

bullet VbyV Activation for Visa Credit and Prepaid Cards

bullet Cardholder to complete the ZenithCard Online form (Form available at Zenith Bank branches)

bullet Submit form to any Zenith Bank branch for processing.

bullet iPIN for VbyV will be available for collection at cardholder’s branch in 5 days. VbyV for Visa Credit and Prepaid is ready for use.


Verified by Visa Sites

bullet Currently over 25,000 online merchants participate in the VbyV scheme; and the number is growing




What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is a unique service offered by Visa International that uses iPIN passwords or identity information to help protect Visa card numbers against unauthorised use. Once activated your Visa card number cannot be used for online payments at participating merchants without your PIN password.

Why do I need this?

If you have a Zenith Bank Visa Card (Prepaid, Debit and Credit) and make payments online, this service is designed to give you an extra level of protection against unauthorised use.

What is iPIN

iPIN refers to Internet PIN. It is the PIN you use for payments on payments enabled for Verified by Visa

What can I do with this?

bulletProtect your Zenith Bank Visa Card online with a iPIN password

bulletProvides an extra level of protection for online shopping

bulletOnce you activate your credit card, no one else can use your Visa credit card number to make a payment online at participating stores (as long as your iPIN is secure)


Why should I sign up for Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa provides an extra level of protection for online shopping. Zenith Bank always protects its cardholders against unauthorised use; with VbyV an additional level of security is provided to prevent unauthorised use online.

Will I need to apply for a new Visa card to use it?

No, VbyV is designed to protect the Visa card(s) that you already have. The service is available for all new and existing Zenith Bank Visa Credit, Debit and Prepaid cards.

How does VbyV protect my Visa card number information during activation?

VbyV takes extensive precautions to secure your card number, and it is only used for the purposes of providing this service. Payment card information is transmitted using a high level of encryption and is stored on our secure server behind a firewall.

Is Verified by Visa easy to use?

Verified by Visa is quick and easy to use. When you submit an order at a participating online store, a VbyV window will appear. If you have not activated your Visa credit card, simply complete the activation process for your type of card

Can I use Verified by Visa from any computer?

Yes. One of the great advantages of Verified by Visa is that it can work with just about any PC with an Internet connection. There is no special software to install. Once you activate your card, you simply shop as you usually do. Your Visa card number is automatically recognised at checkout. Be sure that Cookies and JavaScript are enabled and that pop-up killers are disabled on your computer.

How do I activate my card?

For your Visa Credit and Prepaid cards apply for VbyV activation code at any Zenith Bank branch. Whenever a card is issued to you, you will also receive your card PIN and VbyV activation code.

The code will be used to generate your personal VbyV PIN.

How do I know VbyV is secure and safe?

Personal and payment card information is transmitted using a high level of encryption (SSL), and is stored on a secure server behind a firewall to protect against unauthorised access.

Can I activate more than one card?

Yes, you may activate all of your Zenith Bank branded Visa cards, as long as you are the primary cardholder.

Once I activate my card, will I use my iPIN wherever I shop?

You'll use your Verified by Visa password only at participating online stores.

How does the activation process work?

Verified by Visa PIN for your Zenith Bank Visa Credit and prepaid cards is given to you alongside your card.

Verified by Visa for debit is done in two ways:
Activation during online shopping: During checkout at participating online stores, you may encounter a message offering the opportunity to activate Verified by Visa for your Zenith Bank Cards. If you choose to activate during shopping, you'll provide information to confirm your identity and then create your password. On future payments at participating online stores, your Verified by Visa password will be required during checkout, ensuring your added safety.

Online Registration: You can generate your VbyV PIN by registering on the website using the activation code given to you when you received your card.


For more information on VbyV, kindly contact Zenith Bank Card Services on +234 1 2781470, 2782273 or email cardservices@zenithbank.com

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