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Product & Services - Investing

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Zenith Treasury provides exceptional services that are tailored to suit the peculiar needs of each of our customers.


In so doing we provide maximum returns on their funds through various investments focused on meeting our customers' expectations.


We offer various products and services to individuals, corporate organizations, parastatals etc.

bulletIndividual Retirement Account (IRA)




Fixed Deposit

We offer competitive interest rates on this short - term money market product for customers who would want to save towards future projects.

Benefits & features
bullet Various tenors ranging from one month to one year
bullet High yield instrument
bullet Minimum initial deposit of N100,000.00
bullet Certificates can be used as collaterals for loan
bullet Transaction statements are available on request

Flexible interest which (subject to customers' request) can be;

          • Paid at every maturity

          • Re-invested

  • At maturity, we offer options (subject to customers’ request) such as;

          • Automatic roll over of your deposit

          • Placement on Call deposit until you decide your next step

bullet Please note that this product is subject to 10% withholding tax
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Call Deposit

This is a flexible instrument that allows you save and earn interest while having access to your funds should you be in urgent need of cash. Idle funds can be placed on overnight call, 7-day call or 14-day call.

Benefits & features
  • Easily accessible within 24hours notice without penalty
  • Initial deposit is N100,000.00
  • Transaction statement available on request
  • Please note that this subject to 10% withholding tax

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Investment instrument which enables a customer build up adequate financial resources for use in retirement or as protection for close relations in the event of the unexpected.

Benefits & features
bullet Minimum initial deposit of N50,000.00
bullet Allows monthly contribution
bullet Subject to maximum of 2 withdrawals within a month

Treasury Bills Investment

Background of Treasury Bills

The Nigerian Money market emerged with the establishment of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) via an Act in 1958. Treasury Bills were the first money market instruments issued by CBN in April 1960.

Treasury Bills are government guaranteed debt instruments issued by CBN on their behalf to finance expenditure.


Benefits & features

bullet Tax free income: interest received is not subject to withholding tax
bullet Free from default risk: repayment is guaranteed at maturity
bullet Collateral for borrowing: used as collateral to raise funds
bullet Manage money supply through the secondary market
bullet Tenors of 91, 182 and 364 days available through the primary market
  • Easily re-discounted to provide cash
  • Interest is payable upfront


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NIBSS is an acronym for Nigerian Inter-bank Settlement System which was incorporated in April 1993. NIBSS Fastfunds is a service which was introduced by NIBSS to enable customers transfer funds between banks/discount houses


Benefits & features
bullet Same day value (within 24 hours) on transfers
bullet Secure and convenient means of payment
bullet Charges N2,000 plus 0.01% of amount transferred subject to N50,000 maximum including 5% VAT


Are you looking for an investment outlet?

Do you need financial advice?

The opportunity is here,



For further enquiries please call 234-1-2782311 - 19, 2782321, 2613257, 2700459
Contact persons: Yeside Okunwobi and Nkechi Bolarin

E-mail: treasury.department@zenithbank.com

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