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Zenith Funds Transfer
Product & Services - Local Funds Transfer

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Move money with ease


Enjoy the benefits of a multi-option funds transfer solution that meets all your local or foreign transfer needs.

Zenith Instant Funds Transfer is the perfect option to make payments that require same-day availability and settlement, such as investments, third party payments for goods and services, etc. you can now make a bank transfer at the click of a mouse as we make full use of the speed and efficiency of electronic payment systems. You enjoy same-day movement of funds and immediate availability with transfers initiated via online banking and then executed via Interswitch, NIBSS Instant Pay and NEFT.

An offline transfer option which may only be used at a physical branch location is RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) for moving larger sums of money which exceed the online banking transfer limits.

Features of Zenith Instant Pay:

bullet On-Line Real-Time payment delivery.

Inter-Bank Credit Transfer

bullet Based on Bank Account Numbers (non-Card).
bullet Authentication is done by sending Bank
bullet Ideal for single-item payments.


A Zenith Funds Transfer payment is an irrevocable fund transfer instruction because the payer's bank simply will not accept the order if there are insufficient funds to cover the payment instruction.

As a sender or receiver, with Zenith Funds Transfer, you benefit from:

bullet Initiation of payments electronically via online Banking

Ability to move money around the globe on a 24 hour basis

bullet Immediate availability of funds to receiver with Interswitch and NIBSS Instant Pay options, and within 24 hours with NEFT.
bullet Better security for customers and banks as no opportunity exists for fraudulent alteration of the amount.
bullet Much simpler account reconciliation as immediate debit and credit gives both parties a real time view of the transaction.
bullet Improved cash flow by reason of immediate availability of funds for the receiver.

  • Requirements

  • Customer must maintain an account with Zenith Bank

  • Customer must be set up on Internet Banking

For further enquiries on any of our ebusiness services, please contact:

E-Business Department 
IT Group 
Zenith Bank Plc 
Plot 84 Ajose Adeogun Street
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Email: infotech.ebusiness@zenithbank.com

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