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Corporate Finance
Product & Services - Corporate Finance

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Corporate Finance


The advent of Universal Banking in Nigeria has created a new vista of opportunity to leverage on our excellent image created over the years.


In the commercial banking area, we have created an investment banking unit that will redefine standards in the market place.

The Bank offers specialised financial advisory services on the type of capital structure and the timing of such issues, advice on relevant government legislations and policies and in preparing all the necessary documents for our esteemed clientele. 

Also, we are well positioned to participate in the on-going privatisation and commercialisation exercise in terms of acting as advisers to Federal/State governments and their parastatals. We also raise long-term or permanent finance for corporate entities for their expansion programme through capital issues and sales of securities to the public. 

In Investment Banking, we provide finance for viable and creditable project or a start-up operations or major expansion programme through Joint Venture Capital, co-participation in various assisted projects co-financed by some of the following international bilateral/multilateral financial institutions through strategic partnership:


  • bulletADB (African Development Bank)

  • bulletWORLD BANK

  • bulletIFC (International Finance Corporation)

  • bulletNEXIM (Nigeria Export Import Bank)

  • bulletUS-EXIM (United States Exim Bank)

  • bulletAFEXIM (African Export Import Bank)

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We act as advisers on mergers and acquisitions arrangements including re-organisation, debt financing and financial capital restructuring of companies. Our services include but are not limited to the following investment banking activities:


  • bulletProject Finance Services 

  • bulletLoan Syndication

  • bulletMultilateral Finance Projects 

  • bulletVenture Capital/Small-Medium Enterprises Finance

  • bulletInvestment and Advisory Services

  • bulletCapital Restructuring 

  • bulletPortfolio Management/Pension Fund Schemes 

  • bulletMergers and Acquisitions 

  • bulletUnderwriting 

  • bulletDebt Conversion 

  • bulletInvestment Advisory Services 

  • bulletCapital Issues

  • bulletPrivate Placement of equity/debt issue 

  • bulletPublic Issues 

  • bulletBonds Issue 

  • bulletDebenture 

For further enquiries, please contact us on 234-1-2611068, 234-1-7746534 

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