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Corporate Banking
Product & Services - Corporate Banking

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Corporate Banking


The Corporate Banking department manages relationships of our multi-nationals and large corporate clients. This credit and marketing department is at our head office and branches all over the country.


In addition, Corporate Banking is focused on providing creative financial solutions to the global relationships of our blue-chip clients in manufacturing, bottling and conglomerates. Our total banking package covers all the needs of our customers. We place premium on not just sealing deals, but building healthy and enduring business relationships. Our efficient quality services are our trademark.

Here are some of the facilities offered in this unit. 


Credit Facilities 

These Credit Facilities are available at our Corporate Banking Group, Energy/Commercial Banking Group and branches: 

  • bullet Overdraft 

  • bullet Commercial Papers 

  • bullet Term Loans 

  • bullet Leases 

  • bullet Bonds and Guarantees 

  • bullet Trade Finance 

  • bullet Cash and Liquidity Management Services 


Private Banking

Our Private Banking unit was created for the peculiar needs of our discerning clients who require quality service delivered with flexibility and confidentiality. It is a one-stop shop with the complete financial solutions to the complex banking demand of our high net-worth individuals. Our Private Banking department places premium on high net-worth clients with known legitimate and sustainable sources of income.

Some of our Private Banking services are: 

  • bullet Personal funds management and investment 

  • bullet Share Acquisition 

  • bullet Advisory Services 

  • bullet Personal Travel Allowance (PTA) 

  • bullet Home Remittance 

  • bullet Fiduciary Services 


Our Commercial Banking group is a broad based group of multitalented professionals who manage most of our customer relationships. The strategic focus of this department is on local corporates, trading companies, small businesses and companies in the emerging markets. All our branches have the commercial banking department.



This select group is focused on providing quality banking services to our blue-chip clients in the oil industry. The specialised nature of this industry made it necessary to have a specialised group to provide the banking expertise required in the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil industry.

For further enquiries, please contact us on 234-1-2781278, 2781289, 2781280, 2781281, 2781283, 2781283, 2781284, 2781285, 2781286.  

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