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Security Help
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eHelp Downloads FAQs Feedback
Credit & Debit Card Security
Customer Services - Security Help
Security Help
Debit & Credit Card Security
Card Security
» Sign the signature stripe on the back of your credit card as soon as
  you receive it.
» Never let anyone else use your card.
» Keep your card in a safe place
» Don't let your card bend or get scratched
» Keep your card away from magnetized objects and phones
» Get your card back anytime you use it.
» Keep your card transaction(s) and ATM receipts for check against your
» Read correspondences from your bank before discarding as it may
  contain important card account information and not just marketing material.
Online Transactions
» Make sure the online shop is reputable-get more information if
» Check if the online shop has a return and refunds policy
» Use a secure browser connection when entering card details
» Check for a locked padlock or unbroken key symbol at the bottom right
  of your browser window or that the site URL starts with "https"
» Don't make your password/CVV easily identifiable and don't disclose it
  to anyone.
» Print out a copy of the transaction record for any online purchase you
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Fraud Prevention/ Detection
» Check your account balance regularly.
» Call us immediately on +234 1 278 1740, +234 1 278 2273 if you
  suspect fraudulent transactions
» Keep your card in a place where you are aware of.
» Keep your card in sight at all times to ensure no-one copies your card
  details (to avoid skimming/cloning)
» Never send your Credit Card number by email
» The Bank will never ask you to update you cards details online or via
» Report any request to do so immediately to the Bank
Phone Transactions
» Don't give your card details when you have initiated a call to a company you are not are familiar with.
» Keep your card in sight at all times to ensure no-one copies your card
Pin Protection
» Memorise your PIN, don't ever write it down
» Never tell anyone else your PIN
» Don't choose a PIN that is easily associated with you e.g. your birth
» Don't let anyone see your PIN when using ATMs or POS.
» Change your PIN periodically, and if you think it may have been
  compromised, change it immediately
» Use a different PIN for different card
If your card is stolen or lost or your PIN is disclosed as well, Please notify us immediately.
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