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Zenith POS
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Zenith POS


Watch your sales soar

Nearly all your customers carry a payment card of some sort. Start accepting card payments at your business location with our POS Terminals and see your sales take off.


Point Of Sale Terminals


A Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal is an electronic device used for processing and verifying card payments.


Zenith Bank has deployed thousands of POS terminals to facilitate the cashless environment. Our POS terminals are typically connected via highly reliable dual-sim infrastructure or are Wifi/LAN enabled to guarantee reliable performance.
They also have the capability to accept payments from all cards available in the Nigerian market i.e. Verve, Visa and MasterCard, irrespective of the issuing bank.


Soon this will be the primary means of accepting payments for goods and services, so the sooner you deploy one of these terminals, the better prepared you will be for the advent of cashless commerce.

bullet Multicard Capability - our terminals support all major payment card processing.

Quicker Balancing- thanks to balancing reports at end of day and customized reporting

bullet Fast Processing - Transactions can be processed in four-to-eight seconds through an internet connection
bullet Newest technology - with our Terminals, your business will have the latest equipment, including up-to-date software designed to help reduce fraud and enhance data security.
bullet Industry Standard Fraud Protection - Our terminals' compatibility with the new chip-and-pin enabled cards helps you prevent fraud.
bullet High End Data Security - Your business will have the latest industry standard for point-of-sale data security. You'll receive the most current security software for your terminals, including card-masking capability.
bullet Online Reporting - Conveniently view real-time data, search transactions, customize reports and analyze trends.



bullet Reduces the cost of handling cash.

Reduces the risks associated with handling cash

bullet Enables fast and easy payment processing.
bullet Enables business to open for longer hours
bullet Increases potential for spontaneous purchases by cardholders.
bullet Online monitoring of transactions available
bullet Allows export to excel format to aid reconciliation


To request for a POS terminal the following is required
bullet Merchant must maintain either a savings or current account with Zenith Bank.
bullet IMerchant makes a request through his account officer and executes the POS Application Form.
bullet POS request is granted and deployed within 5 working days for Lagos and 10 working days for upcountry locations.



bullet Shops and Supermarkets.
bullet Hotels and Restaurants.
bullet Clubs and Quick-Service-Restaurants.
bullet Airlines and Travel Agencies.
bullet Ticket Sales Outlets.


For further enquiries on any of our ebusiness services, please contact:

E-Business Department 
IT Group 
Zenith Bank Plc 
Plot 84 Ajose Adeogun Street
Victoria Island, Lagos.

E-mail: ebusiness@zenithbank.com

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